Sketch Countertops

Sketching Your Project is Easy

The easiest way to get started on your project is to make a simple sketch. Then we can give you a ballpark idea of what your project will cost. If you would like to go forward, we can work up a firm quote. For the quote, and for production and installation purposes, we will take digital measurements. This will ensure accuracy and a perfect fit.

Your sketch can be simple – no need to be too precise.

You just need to measure

  • to the nearest 1/2”
  • countertops from the wall out to the edge
  • backsplash height from the countertop surface

Indicate which are finished edges by marking with an “x”.

Photograph your project from several angles, too, so we can help you envision the end results. Bring your sketch and photos over, see our collection of slabs, and we’ll get started.