Granite Busters Install Warranty

Granite Busters will warranty, to the original purchaser of countertop with proof of purchase, for life, the following installation/fabrication issues:

  • Failure of seal between Granite Busters provided sink and countertop

An under mount sink is sealed with a bead of silicone between the flange of the sink and the underside of the countertop.  In the case that this seal pulls away from countertop or seal begins to leak, Granite Busters will amend the issue.  Warranty initiates 24 hours after installation.

  • Separation or degradation of seams

Seams are held together with a type of epoxy. Should this epoxy ever become brittle and chip away or a seam should ever completely fail, Granite Busters will amend the issue.

  • Minor chips that may occur from conventional use

Over time minor chips may occur with everyday use of the countertop. Granite Busters does not warranty the material only fabrication and installation however we care for our customers past and present. Granite Busters will repair minor chips on countertop on the outside front edge of the counter tops, free of charge, within a 25 mile radius of our location and will be scheduled when Granite Busters trucks are in the area.

* Caulk and silicone require regular maintenance and are not covered under the installation warranty.

* Faucets are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, not Granite Busters.

* Any cracks or fissures after install are not covered under lifetime warranty.

* If customer desires to make a claim against Granite Busters for damage caused to property, Granite Busters cannot guarantee compensation without being consulted with and agreeing to a course of action prior to repair or replacement.

To submit an issue, customer must provide a photograph of the matter that clearly shows the problem before any repair will be scheduled. All warranty void on products not installed by Granite Busters. Customer must keep ALL paperwork provided by Granite Busters at time of purchase, to be provided upon request for proof of purchase. Granite Busters will not honor any warranty without all purchase documentation in order and provided in full at time of claim. Warranty does not apply to customer provided materials or remnants. Warranty is void if any alterations are performed by customer or third party after installation.