How We Cut Slabs

We’ve come a long way in cutting granite and other stones, natural and man-made. When our company was still just an idea, Enis, our owner, cut counter tops in his garage with a circular saw that had a waterline run to the diamond coated blade. Now, we use a 25 foot by 12 foot dual table saw/waterjet to cut the slabs.

Granite Busters uses Northwood CNC machines. We love them because they’re built nearby, just outside of Louisville, and they’re built for precision.

It’s a saw and waterjet combined. Basically the saw, a 12” blade with diamonds embedded throughout the cutting area of the blade, cuts straight cuts and cuts with plenty of room. Tight cuts and radial (anything rounded) cuts are done by the waterjet. The waterjet is blasting a combination of water and garnet at 60,000 pounds per square inch (psi). To compare, a fire hose is typically about 150-300 psi.

close up of waterjet in action

The great thing about this process is that we program all the cuts in advance so that once we get the slab up and the program aligned, we only have to press a button and the machine does the rest.

Northwood Sawjet Machine control panel

Our fabrication shop is right on site and attached to our display showroom as well as our warehouse showroom where we feature all of our beautiful slabs, so you can come by and see the machines in action.