Chris Luppens
Commercial Accounts Representative
Phone: 636-333-1723


At Granite Busters, we understand that designers and contractors have a unique set of needs and challenges that differ from our retail clientele.  Our Commercial Account Manager, Chris, is here to partner with you to ensure that you receive the very best specialized service and expertise that our commercial clients have come to expect.

Whether you are a designer, contractor, builder or installer, Chris is armed with vast product knowledge and experience to give you the very best information to help you and your clients make an educated decision.  We understand the big picture, so Chris is committed to ensure not only your satisfaction, but most importantly that of your client.

When you visit us, we will give you a back-stage pass.  You have the freedom to walk your clients through our showroom to see the finished product as well as visit our warehouse to view the stone in its raw form.  Our showroom is your showroom.

Not only will you have our showroom at your disposal, but Chris makes house calls as well. You can utilize him to join you on site to take measurements, provide insight and offer a different point of view. We’ve all been there – sometimes a fresh set of eyes sees things we somehow overlooked.

The most important thing to know is that Chris is here for you to help accomplish our mutual goal of successfully providing your clients with the very best experience.  Our commercial division lives by one motto, “A win for you is a win for us.” -Chris